Home Sweet Home

We’re back from Seattle and Vancouver! It was a fun trip. The best part? Being home, but that’s because I’m scared of flying. I’d love to take a road trip to Seattle and Vancouver in the future.

On the home front, Maomao used to hate being on our laps, but he seems to have changed his mind all of a sudden. Maybe he really missed us during our absence and now wants to snuggle to make up for lost time, or it’s gotten so cold that he’ll tolerate the discomfort of our laps just to be warm. He even kneaded when I petted him today. Maomao has always been very responsive and likes to hang out with us, but he’s hardly ever this affectionate. I wonder how long this will last.


一個回應 to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Not only does Maomao like to sit on our laps, he likes to sit on our laptop as well. He will walk on top of our laptop while we are typing and sit on top of it.



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