An audio youtube

I talked to Ceci this evening, wondering why there’s not a website for audio clips that allows you to embed in your blog and just click it to play, like what youtube does for video clips. Actually, there is one called odeo.

To use it on, the syntax is simple:


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6 回應 to “An audio youtube”

  1. Stay tuned fo the launch of audioo ( — it’s going to be a “YouTube for audio clips" and a better experience than odeo. Drop me a line if you’d like to be on the beta list….

  2. Try, lets users upload audio and streams/lets them embed audio quickly at very high quality.

  3. […] was then excited to find a player from Odeo mentioned here. When I initially went to Odeo’s site and signed up for an account, though, I couldn’t […]

  4. Does anyone implement an API like youtube does?

  5. The best youtube for audio site I have found is it has pretty much every feature you can find on youtube but it is all audio


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