Seattle: Day 1

We went to Seattle and Vancouver over Thanksgiving.

Here’s a long account of the first day.

SJC was empty! No lines at all! Thanksgiving afternoon is one of the best days to fly, though somehow most of our fellow passengers still checked in before us, and we were there an hour before departure.

As we sat waiting to board our plane, a woman who apparently did not know about the 3-1-1 rule regarding liquids on planes had her carry on items searched by security. She was carrying at least four bottles of nail polish and other cosmetics and skin care related gels and liquids the size of my pillow. She was very frustrated over the whole thing and after about 15 minutes, the security actually gave back her stuff and let her proceed. Very secure, right?

Our flight was wonderfully uneventful and we got to Seattle around 6:30pm. Eva picked us up and we dropped off our luggage at her place before heading out to dinner. It was around 8pm when we went to Bellevue to see if any restaurants were still open on Thanksgiving and there were several, but most of them closed early or were fully booked. Luckily, a very nice receptionist called around for us to see which restaurants were still open and told us there’s a restaurant on top of Hyatt that could take us. So we went to Hyatt and on the ground floor was a restaurant that looked open but kinda empty. We went in and asked and they said they’d be happy to serve us. The prices looked reasonable so we sat down.

We started off with some nice crab cakes with big pieces of crab in them. The crab cake was good but I actually kinda liked the salad it came with more =p For the main course Elden had ahi tuna with toasted crust(?), Eva had salmon, and I had filet mignon. The filet mignon was just average but the tuna and salmon were fabulous. The salmon was cooked just right and moist, and the tuna was raw in the inside but had a seared (?) crust of toasted something and was fantabulous. I really miss the tuna. I usually don’t like seafood at gwei lo restaurants, but I guess I’ve just never had the good stuff.

The restaurant is 0/8 Seafood Grill. I think technically they opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we got a very good sneak peek. Sadly, we forgot to bring our camera.



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