Why is neck pain called headache?

So I had been seeing distortions in my vision because my optic nerve is swollen because my spinal fluid pressure is high (but my MRI brain scan is clean, no tumors, yay!), and this last part is only diagnosed with lumbar puncture, which brings us back to the title. One of the possible side effects of lumbar puncture is a lumbar puncture headache, which you get when you get up or are not in a horizontal position. I didn’t get a headache. I got a stiff neck and serious neck pain that make me crawl to bed, whimpering “f*** f***" all the way. The most remarkable thing is the pain really goes away as soon as I lie down, but “headache" my ass. I’d like to thank the nice doctor for pointing out that since it goes away when I lie down, it’s probably okay and not like meningitis. I’d also like to thank Elden for taking good care of me during this time.

Now, should I risk another round of debilitating pain or hold my bowels for a very very long time?




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