The Horror!

I started my first erhu lesson on Monday and practiced for the first time today.  While I was practicing, Maomao paced back and forth outside the room and periodically gave the erhu scared looks.  After I was done practicing he would only come in after the erhu was put away, and even then he sniffed around the room and checked thoroughly under the bed before he would sit.  He was still a bit jumpy though.


3 回應 to “The Horror!”

  1. Ceci,
    Does the 2wu made from snake skin? Mao might smell it and got all nervous. =O

  2. TotoroSpirit Says:

    Hmm… I might react the same way if I hear you play erhu… j/k… :p

  3. Yeah, 2wu is made from snake skin. I hadn’t thought of that. I think just the skin or the noise is more than enough to make him nervous.


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