SF Dining Adventures: Chouchou

My parents came for a visit last weekend and we took them to Chouchou for dinner, but before we ate, we froze our butts off on top of Twin Peaks.  Note to self: never bring aging parents to SF’s windiest spot on the coldest night, especially when cold air sets off massive coughing fits in self.  So, back to Chouchou.

Appetizer: we shared 3 pieces of crab ravioli in lobster sauce, a slice of salmon on flat bread, and escargot.  The ravioli was just okay, the sauce was kinda salty but would’ve tasted good with bread.  I liked the garlic sauce the escargot came in, but mom and Elden thought they’ve eaten better (as in bigger) escargot elsewhere.  The salmon flat bread was the best among the three.  Slices of raw(?) salmon with vinegar-y dressing on top of flat bread.

Entree: Mussels for mom and me, duck leg confit for Elden, and lamb “French country stews served in clay pots with pastry shell ‘lids’ " for dad.  I enjoyed the mussels and the white wine sauce.  The sizes of the mussels were uneven though.  Some mussels were the size of clams and then there were several giants among them.  Elden’s duck leg was just okay, Dad’s lamb was pretty good, especially when you mix the pastry with the lamb.

Dessert: Mom and dad shared a chocolate walnut tart, I had a chocolate pear tart, and Elden had his staple: creme brulee.  I like the chocolate pear tart.  The chocolate was very rich, so I had to use the cream to balance it out.  I’ll try the non-chocolate tarts next time.  Mom and dad weren’t used to this level of sugar in food, but they still finished their plate.  Elden said he had a phenomenal creme brulee.  However, I can’t vouch for that because he ate it all before I could get a taste.  I guess that really says how much he liked it.

Our next stops are Destino and Ruth’s Chris, and then we’ll go back to our regular fares like Top Cafe and Jack-in-the-Box until the next Dine About Town comes around.  We’ll make every excuse to go to Foreign Cinema though, and Farallon, which I still miss since our excursion there last year.




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