SF Dining Adventures: Foreign Cinema

The last stop Elden mentioned was Fringale, where I had a very tender and tasty pork dish.  The next stop is Foreign Cinema.  Foreign Cinema… To sum it up, I’m really looking forward to going there next time.  The dine about town (dat) deal is cheaper than eating there at regular price, but their regular selection sounded so much more interesting than the dat options.

For appetizer Elden and I both had Scandinavian(?) style sardines.  There were about four very thin strips of salty sardines with pickled onions and potatoes in a sour dressing.  I love sour stuff , so I love how salt and sour tastes play off each other.  Elden is not into sour tasting foods, so this was just so so for him.

For entree, I had the pork chop with cabbages and gnocchi.  This pork chop is like HK style pork chop, only three times thicker, yet it wasn’t tough or overcooked.  Its flavor was stronger than Fringale’s pork dish, but Fringale’s was more tender and delicate and reminded me of the rabbit I had in Paris.  I liked both pork dishes, but if I had to choose, it would be Fringale’s by a slim margin.  Elden had sole, which was better than other restaurant’s fish but no where to close to the ahi tuna at 0/8 in Seattle.

For dessert, I had cannoli with candied-citrus filling.  I loved this cannoli.  The filling was creamy but light, the candied-citrus wasn’t so sweet that it overpowered the cream, and the shell was good too.  Elden also surrendered to me his chocolate pot de crème (smart move) after I was done with the cannoli.  It’s a little pot of cream chocolate with cream on top.  The chocolate was quite rich, so I ate it in small bites with the cream.  I must have taken like 30 minutes to eat the thing because our waiter passed by our table like half a dozen times waiting for me to finish =p Even though I took way longer to finish the chocolate, I actually like the cannoli more.

I’d love to go to Foreign Cinema again.  They had a poached pear which wasn’t part of the dat menu but I really wanted to try.  Next time then! And there WILL be a next time.


一個回應 to “SF Dining Adventures: Foreign Cinema”

  1. You just made me so hungry and I just finished my supper. The cannoli sounded so yummy.



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