Warming Up

I’m starting to warm up to the idea of going to Hong Kong, and the fear of flying. I hope I get to fly on one of the planes with individual entertainment systems that increases the danger of flying (because of all the extra wiring) but hopefully will also distract me from remembering that. Sometimes I wish I don’t know certain things, but just sometimes.

I’ve been researching the transportation near my hotel. The closest and cheapest is still the tram. It’s my favorite of all the public transport in HK. As the tram goes slowly, you can observe the bustling traffic, changes in the buildings as you go through different districts, gigantic neon or tiny painted store signs, and people hurrying to wherever they’re headed. HK is a fast paced city and everyone wants to get to their destination as quickly as possible, even if they’re not in a hurry. You also get a nice breeze in the hot and humid summer if you sit on the upper deck of an emptier train, but you have to wait for those to come by. I once waited 45 minutes for one when I could have walked home in that time. The downside is the tram is the slow and only a minority head into Happy Valley, which is where my hotel is.

An alternative to trams is buses. Buses go practically everywhere in HK, and figuring out which bus you can take has gotten a lot easier with the web. I like City Bus’ website the best. Their search engine allows you to search by bus number, your starting and destination points, a particular building, and even bus stops. I have been a bit carried away with my searches for the best route between the hotel and various places. Buses 1 and 10 (especially 10) makes lots of stops in HK island, and I think they only about $3.4 a trip.

Getting from the airport to the hotel is kinda a headache. There’s no direct bus connection and you have to walk quite a ways from MTR station. I think I’ll break here. This post is getting long.


一個回應 to “Warming Up”

  1. You probably should get a Taxi from the MTR station. It is quite troublesome with all those luggage. I am a more lucky one. I have a direct bus from the airport to Tin Hau Station Bus Terminal. Only costs HK$23.



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