Maomao is sick =(

Short(er) version of the long story: Maomao has had bladder infection since Thursday night.  We took him to the emergency animal clinic on Thursday night and for the bladder infection they gave Maomao clavamox, which is giving him diarrhea.  So we took him to his regular vet on Saturday and did urinalysis.  His weight went down from a little too chubby 18lbs to 14lbs.  The vet gave him zeniquin, which is newer and should be better on his stomach.  His peeing returned to normal for about 2 days and his diarrhea looked slightly better at first but he’s getting diarrhea again, and on top of that he seems to want to pee more often again.  It’s not as bad as last Friday when he would squirt a little and then just sit and sit but nothing comes out.  This time he goes a little and leave almost immediately, but still, it’s pretty worrying.

We’ve also been scaring him and stressing him out when we stuff his pills down his throat.  He usually thrashes his tongue frantically to spit the pill out or block its entrance, which looks pretty funny.  I just hope he isn’t so coy that he’d spit it out when nobody’s looking.  Poor Maomao, please get well.



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