Women are not welcomed in tech industry

Frances Allen, an IBM Fellow Emeritus, became the first woman to win the A.M. Turing Award–the Nobel Prize-equivalent for computer science. Here’s an excerpt of the story.

Q: As a female in a male-dominated profession, were there any “ouch" moments that you can recall over the course of your career?

Allen: … Now, the “ouch" moment. Well, here’s one that I haven’t told any other reporter. I was working on a software program, on a very large machine which was being built in a huge warehouse on an IBM site. It was a mammoth machine! The first time I went to go and run my program on the machine that was being built, I went with a group of the guys, and as we walked into the building we were suddenly stopped. And they said, “Whoops, we don’t know how to get to the machine without going through the men’s room." The floor where the computer was had been built so that this kind of huge men’s room was down the middle, because there were so many people involved with putting these things together.




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