Food in Hong Kong

While we’re on the subject of food and HK, let’s recap some of the culinary highlights of my trip to HK and Macau.

金雀: Old, 60s HK style western restaurant in Causeway Bay between 渣甸坊 and Times Square (on 蘭芳道) . It’s not just retro. From the glasses to the menu to the logo to the waiters’ uniforms, it simply hasn’t changed in the last 40 years or so. It’s almost like a themed restaurant. 花樣年華 and 2046 were filmed there. Food wasn’t too bad either. I got to eat my childhood favorite, sirloin steak, on the familiar cow shaped hot plate.

魚肉燒賣: I’m not entirely sure how I could have lived in HK for 13 years and managed to be ignorant about such a tasty item, but this egregious error has been rectified during this trip.

小南國: Shanghai restaurant in Times Square. The雞 smelled wonderfully of wine and the chicken actually tasted like chicken, as opposed to most chicken here in the US, where they taste like either nothing or everything. The 小籠包was bursting with tasty broth when you bite into it, and you only get this when the skin doesn’t shred at the slightest touch. The 生煎包was very good too. The bottom was cooked to a golden brown that hardened the dough to a light crunch, and there was broth inside the bun, which I’ve never seen before. I expect I’ll be very disappointed in the 生煎包 available here for a very long while as I have yet to go to a restaurant that does such a good 生煎包.

彩雲軒: regular Chinese restaurant in Tai Koo Place. They have a 椰子燉雪X(toad’s ovaries) that’s very very high in cholesterol but very very tasty.

雙皮奶in石岐: I don’t know the store name, but this 雙皮奶 is made from buffalo milk, so it has the extra ummph. I think there’s a layer of wrinkled cream on top and it’s extra thick and sweet, but the curdled (?) milk is very good too. I like the 薑汁撞奶 too, but my in-laws think the original store does this better. Given the sad state of Chinese desserts in the US, I’ll take this inferior version any day. The most interesting find is the 花旗參燉烏雞. This store is primarily a dessert place, so it was kind of surprising to see this on the menu, but the most surprising part was that there was plenty of chicken and had a full aroma of 花旗參. And the price, 15 RMB or roughly $2, just can’t be beat.

食神: Bustling seafood restaurant in 珠海. Past culinary highlights included egg tart and pineapple bun. The egg tart was not as good this time around, and, while the pineapple bun was still good, finding real pineapples in pineapple bun was not the novelty it once was. The fried oysters were still terrific though, and the steamed fish and 炸子雞 are great too.

Wedding banquet at Four Seasons: It was very unfortunate for my taste buds (but very fortunate for my waistline) that I was really under the weather for this meal. I was still luckier than Edith though, who could only detect some hint of food in two of the dishes at the feast. Highlights were 乳豬, a dish with veggie and bird’s nest and those little orange things with seeds in them you usually put into soup, which sounds incredibly strange but was actually very tasty when put together, and fried rice. The other sad thing about being sick is while I can remember the rice was excellent, like who’d knew fried rice could be so good, I have no memory at all about what was in it. One of the desserts, 雪耳木瓜, was very good too. I wish I could have said the other desserts were fabulous too. They certainly looked fabulous, but my stomach decided the last dish of the night was 雪耳木瓜, so I could only enjoy the others with my eyes.

The last highlight was a home cooked Portuguese meal. My appetite was not cooperative that night either, but what I did manage to eat was very good. Most interesting was the potato cake. I mistakenly thought cakes made with potato would be very heavy and starchy, but this texture was much more like 年糕 and not heavy at all.

I was kind of disappointed because I couldn’t eat as much as I had planned, but since I actually lost weight on this trip it’s not so bad.  The other good thing is I exercised a lot by walking to and from Times Square and other places.  My health problems earlier this year weakened me, but after this trip I gained some strength back, like I can go up 3 flights of stairs and don’t feel as worn out, so that’s another plus.  This trip could have been better, could have been worse, but it was pretty good just as it was.


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  2. Hey.. I’ve been to 小南國 too! They have something like 賽螃蟹 but they use egg yolk and it’s really good! I bet you had lots of fun in HK! :)


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