Like Maomao, Like Yun

Doctor thinks I have a bad stomach bug and decrees that I can only eat chicken broth mixed with a little bit of rice. The white part of white bread is okay too. The chicken broth part sounds eerily like Maomao’s diet when he had a bad bout of diarrhea.

On a separate but somewhat not closely related note, I’m starting to understand why my friend’s mom repeats everything she says twice. I’m considering doing the same, and writing them down somewhere easily noticeable, like on the tv and on the laptop screen, and giving out pop quizzes from time to time.

On a wholly unrelated note, going to the humane society to get cat food is always slightly depressing because I always see cats there that look adorable and desperate for some loving but I can’t take them home. Then occasionally I look at kitty porn at the humane society’s adoptable cats page and see that she’s still there and I worry if she’s actually there or if the humane society is just not updating their website. Or worse yet, I worry if the next time I check and she’s not listed anymore.


一個回應 to “Like Maomao, Like Yun”

  1. Hi guys!
    Get well soon – any skinnier and you’ll become a bamboo stick… Hey i love that photo of yours :)


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