Soda, We Meet Again

After going on an eight month sabbatical from drinking soda for medical reasons, I have been able to drink soda without finding it foul tasting! I discovered today that both Jack in the Box’s ice cream float and Bubble Up taste normal and good.  However, I’ll probably keep going with my soda sabbatical since soda is not all that good for the body in the first place.

I’m also switching from getting a new plastic cup from fast food restaurants every week to using a big glass bottle to drink water.  This is to cut down on my heavy use of plastic, which can break down and leak all sorts of chemicals into water which I, in turn, drink and absorb.

I’m using POM Tea’s 46oz glass bottle at work.  It originally contained POM Tea’s pomegranate lychee green tea.  The lychee was pretty good, but the pomegranate green tea was horrid.



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