Weekend Trip

Went to Irvine to meet with Elden’s parents this past weekend.  We didn’t have much planned, so we went to Santa Monica to check out the pier and Third St Promenade. We caught a glimpse of my old high school and drove by my old house in west LA.  The houses in the neighborhood has been cleaned up or renovated so they look better than what I remember.  Even my old house looks better with the paint job and new windows done when my parents sold it.  The current residents removed the ugly black screen door and put up a laurel, which made the house look so much homier.  The black fence is still there, as fugly as ever. It’s a mystery why people with the means to maintain the house only try to make their house look nice when they’re moving out.

Later we went to Gen Kai in Dana Point for dinner.  The sushi was okay, but the rolls were pretty good, at least I haven’t seen most of them before and they didn’t all taste the same.

Maomao came to the door to greet us when we came home.  Actually, he didn’t really come to greet us.  He came to the door because he really wanted to eat and, having been shut inside all weekend, desperately wanted to go outside. When Elden opened the screen door just a little bit, Maomao pushed his head against the door and bolted out through a crack way too narrow for his chubby body.  Usually he hurries out and waits for either one of us to join him at the landing, but this time he went down several steps before he turned back to wait for us.


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