Thanks Alaska Air!

My parents are now in US, and I am getting airline tickets for them and their travel companion. I bought tickets for them from LA to Seattle. The tickets were bought from American but the flight is operated by Alaska Air. While filing out the passenger info, I made a mistake in my family friend’s name. I used his English name but I didn’t realize his English name doesn’t not match his ID name. His ID name is a translation of the Chinese name.

The next day I called AA. The CSR sympathized but couldn’t help because “the flight is a share code" operated by Alaska.

Two days later, I called Alaska. The CSR from Alaska was suprised that AA couldn’t help. She told me that she couldn’t change any of the info in the system. After talking to her supervisor, she said “AA should fix the problem" and she offered to call AA and talk to AA with me. I was put on hold most of the time when she was dealing with AA. Finally, the situation was cleared when I paid a fee and I was able to update the name on the passenger list. The whole call took 54 minutes.

I forgot ask her name but I’d like to thank the Alaska Air CSR for helping me with the situation. She did go out of way to help me, even though I was not her customer.



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