There was a 5.6 earthquake in our area yesterday.  A couple of light weighted objects fell or shifted a couple of inches, but everyone’s okay.   I was kinda scared during the initial shaking because that felt pretty violent and went to crouch at the bathroom doorway, then realized that the doorway wasn’t very safe either, but there was no where else to go. Elden didn’t seem entirely sure where he’s supposed to go.  I didn’t tell him to come join me in the bathroom doorway since that’s not safe either. Maomao zoomed past Elden and dove under our bed at speeds not seen since he joined our household.  He was so scared he stayed in our bedroom for about half an hour afterwards.  He looked so scared and cute with those gigantic pupils of his. Even offers of food couldn’t tempt him to come out. He was extra demanding and vocal the whole night too. This morning he’s either still skittish from the quake last night or he’s coming down with something again.  Hopefully it’s the former.

Oh, and we had another little jolt a short while ago.


2 回應 to “Jolt!”

  1. will you consider to upload this to your facebook?

  2. “He was so scared he stayed in our bedroom for about half an hour afterwards." Honestly, I really thought the “He" was Elden. hehe…


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