Change, Did Too Well

Change is inevitable. Sometimes you look for it, sometimes it comes to you.

Usually when I buy a present I really hope the receiver will love it as much as I did or appreciate it because it’s so darn useful. As last week was unusually cold, I put a fleece blanket inside one of Maomao’s cubes to give him a warm and comfortable place to hang out during the day. He didn’t see what the big deal was for the first couple of days, but one night he was bored and went to lie down in the cube and discovered how comfortable it was to have his own cozy little cubicle. Usually every night when I’d tell him it’s time to go to bed, he would come into our room and go to his fleece lined basket bed, but since that night, I’d tell him it’s time to go to bed and he would head straight towards his cube in the living room. I love it when he loves the toys or food or whatever we buy him, but his loving his cube is breaking my heart a little because I feel like he’s abandoned us =( I did too well this time, maybe.

Seeing how it’s colder in the living room, I put a microplush blanket on top of his cube and let it drape down one side to cover two of the holes out of the cube so it would be even warmer inside. Sometimes I wish I have my own cube, only human sized cubes aren’t called “cubes." They’re called “tents." They’re just one of the things I was fascinated with as kid because I never got to sleep in one in Hong Kong. Tents are actually really confined, yet somehow they feel cozy instead of restrictive. I especially love the cute small model tents they have at sporting goods stores. That and the small model sleeping bags. Too bad you can’t buy them.


一個回應 to “Change, Did Too Well”

  1. TotoroSpirit Says:

    I want a blanket in my cube too.


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