去墨西哥碌地 (2)

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*Warning: this post is currently picture free because of technical difficulties.  Please use your imagination*

After taking a thrilling and speedy taxi ride on Mazatlan’s highways we arrived at Torres Mazatlan, where giant marshmallow mutants hide and wait to jump and take a bite of the faces of unsuspecting tourists. Not really, but the nice people who work there shared some giant marshmallows the size of my fist with us. Our pictures could not do it justice.

On the outside, Torres Mazatlan looked similar to hotels in Honolulu built in the 60’s.  On the inside, it still looked like that, but nicely renovated. Our traveling party had a gigantic 2br/2ba apartment, much thanks to our friends who let us tag along. The hall bathroom could easily accomodate two mahjong tables, and the bedroom held a king sized bed with ample room to move around. The kitchen and living/dining room were on the other side of the apartment with a balcony overlooking the courtyard pool and the ocean.

For the first 5 days (?) of our trip, the weather was as lousy as the apartment was wonderful. The sky was thick with clouds, winds were blowing in from the north, day time temperatures were around 65F. We were expecting warmth and sunshine but couldn’t get away from the bay area weather. The locals we talked to said the weather was very unusual too. However, with all that wind, the waves were awesome. I sat through the first morning’s time share sales pitch just staring and listening to the waves.


去墨西哥碌地 (1)

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Ages and ages ago, in December of 2007, we went to Mazatlan, Mexico.  Mazato means deer and lan means land in Spanish, put them together you get Mazatlan, land of the deer, 鹿地. Or so our guides told us.

Our exciting journey started with a 3 hour flight aboard a brand new Alaska Airlines plane. It was Christmas and everyone was in a festive mood, including the flight attendants. You can tell the flight attendants were all going on vacations too when you realize that they have never filled out the entry forms to Mexico either.  Anyways, everyone was just walking around the aisle all the time, meanwhile, the flight attendants were making announcements every 15 minutes asking people to clear the aisle so they can give out a second round of refreshments.  We finally got that second round about 25 minutes before landing. Personally this was the calmest flight I’ve been on since I’ve been scared of flying.  Watching all the people bustling about distracted me from dwelling on the gazillions of painful and frightening ways to die.  Not encountering much turbulence also helped.

On the way to the hotel we saw crazy taxi drivers (ours), taxis without seat belts (also ours), and a highway oddly reminiscent of the highways in Guangdong. Maybe it’s the half-built and abandoned buildings in farms along the road.

Change, Did Too Well

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Change is inevitable. Sometimes you look for it, sometimes it comes to you.

Usually when I buy a present I really hope the receiver will love it as much as I did or appreciate it because it’s so darn useful. As last week was unusually cold, I put a fleece blanket inside one of Maomao’s cubes to give him a warm and comfortable place to hang out during the day. He didn’t see what the big deal was for the first couple of days, but one night he was bored and went to lie down in the cube and discovered how comfortable it was to have his own cozy little cubicle. Usually every night when I’d tell him it’s time to go to bed, he would come into our room and go to his fleece lined basket bed, but since that night, I’d tell him it’s time to go to bed and he would head straight towards his cube in the living room. I love it when he loves the toys or food or whatever we buy him, but his loving his cube is breaking my heart a little because I feel like he’s abandoned us =( I did too well this time, maybe.

Seeing how it’s colder in the living room, I put a microplush blanket on top of his cube and let it drape down one side to cover two of the holes out of the cube so it would be even warmer inside. Sometimes I wish I have my own cube, only human sized cubes aren’t called “cubes." They’re called “tents." They’re just one of the things I was fascinated with as kid because I never got to sleep in one in Hong Kong. Tents are actually really confined, yet somehow they feel cozy instead of restrictive. I especially love the cute small model tents they have at sporting goods stores. That and the small model sleeping bags. Too bad you can’t buy them.


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There was a 5.6 earthquake in our area yesterday.  A couple of light weighted objects fell or shifted a couple of inches, but everyone’s okay.   I was kinda scared during the initial shaking because that felt pretty violent and went to crouch at the bathroom doorway, then realized that the doorway wasn’t very safe either, but there was no where else to go. Elden didn’t seem entirely sure where he’s supposed to go.  I didn’t tell him to come join me in the bathroom doorway since that’s not safe either. Maomao zoomed past Elden and dove under our bed at speeds not seen since he joined our household.  He was so scared he stayed in our bedroom for about half an hour afterwards.  He looked so scared and cute with those gigantic pupils of his. Even offers of food couldn’t tempt him to come out. He was extra demanding and vocal the whole night too. This morning he’s either still skittish from the quake last night or he’s coming down with something again.  Hopefully it’s the former.

Oh, and we had another little jolt a short while ago.

Weekend Trip

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Went to Irvine to meet with Elden’s parents this past weekend.  We didn’t have much planned, so we went to Santa Monica to check out the pier and Third St Promenade. We caught a glimpse of my old high school and drove by my old house in west LA.  The houses in the neighborhood has been cleaned up or renovated so they look better than what I remember.  Even my old house looks better with the paint job and new windows done when my parents sold it.  The current residents removed the ugly black screen door and put up a laurel, which made the house look so much homier.  The black fence is still there, as fugly as ever. It’s a mystery why people with the means to maintain the house only try to make their house look nice when they’re moving out.

Later we went to Gen Kai in Dana Point for dinner.  The sushi was okay, but the rolls were pretty good, at least I haven’t seen most of them before and they didn’t all taste the same.

Maomao came to the door to greet us when we came home.  Actually, he didn’t really come to greet us.  He came to the door because he really wanted to eat and, having been shut inside all weekend, desperately wanted to go outside. When Elden opened the screen door just a little bit, Maomao pushed his head against the door and bolted out through a crack way too narrow for his chubby body.  Usually he hurries out and waits for either one of us to join him at the landing, but this time he went down several steps before he turned back to wait for us.

One Mao Night

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A typical night in Maomao’s life: play, after play feeding, and after play peeing.

crouching Maomao

Maomao’s Condition

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Maomao has been sick lately.  He lost his appetite on Wednesday and was kind of lethargic, but he rebounded somewhat yesterday.  Today he’s showing a good interest in food and his energy levels is about the same as yesterday, but he’s not out of the woods yet.  His vet just called to say that his white blood cell and platelet counts are low.  They can be caused by his FIV and/or some kind of respiratory or stomach infection.  We have to go back to the vet next Thursday and do another blood test, unless he starts vomiting or loses his appetite or becomes lethargic again, in which case we’ll have to take him to the vet right away.  So I hope we’re not heading to the vet any earlier than next Thursday afternoon.  Worrying about him is far more taxing emotionally than fighting to get medicine into him.  It must be so much tougher for parents with sick children.