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Tasered in Florida

Posted in News with tags on 九月 18, 2007 by chauonline

The police held the student to the ground. The student cried out “Don’t Tase me, bro,". Then the police tased him.



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Read a story about how history lessons are conducted in Germany:



If every school subject is taught like this, why do we need 通識科 ?

Source: Mingpao

Don’t buy puppies from puppy mills

Posted in Dogs, News on 六月 12, 2007 by chauonline

How can you ensure that the dog joining your family isn’t from a puppy mill? In the next Your Whole Pet, I’ll take a look at how to get a pet from ethical sources. In the meantime, when checking out a breeder, be sure that you can meet the puppy’s mother and see where the puppies are being housed. And if the only test you have to pass to get the puppy is whether your check clears or your credit card charge goes through, that’s a pretty good sign the breeder doesn’t have the puppy’s best interests at heart — or yours.

Full story from SFGate


重慶大廈 — best example of globalization in action

Posted in News with tags on 五月 16, 2007 by chauonline

Time Magazine elected Chungking Mansions (重慶大廈) as the Best Example of Globalization in Action. There is also wiki page of Chungking Mansions.

OMG, i txt spk my tst … & got A!!!!!

Posted in Elden's favs, News on 十二月 23, 2006 by chauonline

Starting this school year, New Zealand high schoolers can use text speak in national exam, meaning that they won’t lose points if they write b4 instead of before.

skul iz :) & EZ, isnt it?