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Another good reason to drive stick

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Carjackers couldn’t get the car started because the car was a stick shift.

In case you don’t now, you have to fully press the clutch when starting the car.

Full story here.


What does Obama drive?

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Sen. Obama criticized US automakers for not building fuel efficient vehicles. Yet, he drives a 340-HP 5.7L V-8 Hemi Chrysler 300C, which gets a combined city/highway 21 mpg.

Hemi 5.7L V8

source: Jalopnik, Freep, Boston Globe, Detroit News, The Car Connection

Fake theme park

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We know everything is fake in China. Fake soy sauce, fake eggs, 假髮菜 and fake Pradas. Do you want to go to a full blown fake Disneyland?

Fake Cars

The Chinese is also capable of faking an SUV with a Pontiac front end and a Lexus back end.

Chinese car front end

Fake front

Pontiac front end

Real front

Fake butt

Fake end

Lexus butt

Real end

source: WindingRoad

This is not a crop circle …

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UK track

In fact, the above is a “secret" racetrack in UK.  Car maufacturers don’t want you to know where they try their newest cars.  These pictures are taken by Google Earth. Now everyone can become a spy.

Follow the link to see other tracks.

Source: AutoExpress