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去墨西哥碌地 (1)

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Ages and ages ago, in December of 2007, we went to Mazatlan, Mexico.  Mazato means deer and lan means land in Spanish, put them together you get Mazatlan, land of the deer, 鹿地. Or so our guides told us.

Our exciting journey started with a 3 hour flight aboard a brand new Alaska Airlines plane. It was Christmas and everyone was in a festive mood, including the flight attendants. You can tell the flight attendants were all going on vacations too when you realize that they have never filled out the entry forms to Mexico either.  Anyways, everyone was just walking around the aisle all the time, meanwhile, the flight attendants were making announcements every 15 minutes asking people to clear the aisle so they can give out a second round of refreshments.  We finally got that second round about 25 minutes before landing. Personally this was the calmest flight I’ve been on since I’ve been scared of flying.  Watching all the people bustling about distracted me from dwelling on the gazillions of painful and frightening ways to die.  Not encountering much turbulence also helped.

On the way to the hotel we saw crazy taxi drivers (ours), taxis without seat belts (also ours), and a highway oddly reminiscent of the highways in Guangdong. Maybe it’s the half-built and abandoned buildings in farms along the road.