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“Childrens do learn" … Bush doesn’t

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I completely agree with the author’s analysis.


From 明報 http://www.mingpaonews.com/20070703/faa1.htm


What does Obama drive?

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Sen. Obama criticized US automakers for not building fuel efficient vehicles. Yet, he drives a 340-HP 5.7L V-8 Hemi Chrysler 300C, which gets a combined city/highway 21 mpg.

Hemi 5.7L V8

source: Jalopnik, Freep, Boston Globe, Detroit News, The Car Connection

Pollution in China

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China from the inside

We watched a documentary called “China from the inside" on PBS. It is a 4-part documentary about power, women & minority, the environment and freedom in China. We watched 3 episodes, and the most depressing episode is “Shifting nature" about factories pumping toxic materials into the rivers that caused cancer and killed many people in the villages.

I hope you can watch the episode. If you are living in Bay Area, the episode is availble in Feb 7 & Feb 8 on KTEH. Check your local PBS listings.

China From the Inside: Shifting Nature
Wednesday, February 7, 9:00pm
“Shifting Nature” looks at China’s environment.

Thursday, February 8, 3:00am
“Shifting Nature” looks at China’s environment.

Jim Webb, George Bush and the war on Iraq

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I listened to the Forum on KQED this morning. Today’s guest is Bill Press, former chair of the California Democratic Party. It is a good show, and in particular, I’d like to share 2 things I heard with you.

  • Senator-elect Jim Webb attended a reception last week for new members of Congress at the White House. He is a Republican-turned-Democrat, and feverishly opposed to the Iraq War. He is a Vietnam veteran and his son is a Marine in Iraq. Bush, seeing Webb across the room, walked over to him and had the following conversation:

Bush: “How’s your boy?”

Webb: “I’d like to get them out of Iraq."

Bush: “That’s not what I asked you. How’s your boy?"

Webb: “That’s between me and my boy."

Some thinks Webb is disrespectful of president, while other thinks Webb doesn’t suck up to power. What do you think?