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Help this guy find a job

Posted in Ceci's favs with tags , , on 八月 7, 2007 by chauonline

GB-PVR is the best free PC based TV recorder

Posted in Elden's favs with tags on 一月 22, 2007 by chauonline

I have Windows MCE but MCE does not work for me because MCE will freeze my tuner card (mine is Hauppauge 150). I tried many other free software like Yahoo Go TV (formerly Meedio), MediaPortal, etc, and none was stable & would download EPG (i.e. TV listings) without a lot of hassles. I’d like BeyondTV but I don’t want to pay $60 for the software. (Yes, I am cheap) Last week, I read several comments praising GB-PVR, I took a plunge to try it. Surprisingly, it is easy to setup and get it running with EPG. GB-PVR’s TV guide search, recording options & conflict resolution are not so powerful but I will live with that. I hate myself not trying GB-PVR earlier.

Yahoo TV Listings (beta) is pathetic

Posted in 未分類 with tags , , on 十二月 6, 2006 by chauonline

Go to, search “nba basketball". Do you see NBA games listings? I don’t see a single game.

Or go to, click on any channel number, NOTHING, it is not bringing to a single channel view. Sucks.

Feel free to tell them “Yahoo TV sucks!" here.

An audio youtube

Posted in 未分類 with tags , on 十二月 2, 2006 by chauonline

I talked to Ceci this evening, wondering why there’s not a website for audio clips that allows you to embed in your blog and just click it to play, like what youtube does for video clips. Actually, there is one called odeo.

To use it on, the syntax is simple:


NPR story of the day


Embedding youtube in wordpress

Posted in 未分類 with tags on 十一月 21, 2006 by chauonline

It’s not as easy as I thought. The embed code from youtube doesn’t work because wordpress doesn’t allow embedding arbitrary code. After a quick search, I found this page with instructions on how to embed youtube videos. However, it was still not working for me. Then I read all the responses, and found that I had to take away the space between the [ ] brakets in the example.

Try it! The syntax is:

[<no_space>youtube=<no_space> ]