GB-PVR is the best free PC based TV recorder

I have Windows MCE but MCE does not work for me because MCE will freeze my tuner card (mine is Hauppauge 150). I tried many other free software like Yahoo Go TV (formerly Meedio), MediaPortal, etc, and none was stable & would download EPG (i.e. TV listings) without a lot of hassles. I’d like BeyondTV but I don’t want to pay $60 for the software. (Yes, I am cheap) Last week, I read several comments praising GB-PVR, I took a plunge to try it. Surprisingly, it is easy to setup and get it running with EPG. GB-PVR’s TV guide search, recording options & conflict resolution are not so powerful but I will live with that. I hate myself not trying GB-PVR earlier.


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